Old Woman, once banished, is resurfacing in the lives of people — young and old — within culture and in relation to the earth.

While long discarded, she has never quite gone away. Perhaps you know her symbolically as Witch, Crone, Spider Grandmother, Hecate, Baubo or Sophia. Intimately connected to the phases of the moon and the cycles of the seasons, she is mentor to the mother and sidekick to the maiden.

She is the one who knows how to slow down, finds pleasure in simplicity, understands the healing power of humour, and has profound compassion for the earth and all who inhabit it. She is the seed-saver — the one who preserves and protects. She is a seer: past-sighted, present-sighted, and far-sighted.

Wise Woman is made wise by many things: through study, creative collaboration, observation and, most significantly, by having lived deeply into all her life experiences. This growing involves many layers of understanding — both above and below ground.

Wise Woman can manifest in many ways. She may live alone in a house that dances on chicken legs. She might bubble up in a cauldron or fly through the night sky. She might sit beside you in a coffee shop or suggest a book title while you browse aimlessly in a library. She is everywhere. She is also within.

Old Woman: Myths and Stories of the Wise Woman Archetype invites you to reconnect with old woman wisdom, to reimagine aging and rediscover the profound importance of mentoring relationships between old and young.

*Image: Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet; Poster adaptation by Krishan Lalbiharie

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