“The Great Mother in Her many aspects—maiden, raging warrior, benevolent mother, death-dealing and all-wise crone, unknowable and ultimate wyrd—is now powerfully re-emerging and rising again in human consciousness … Isis, Mawu-Lisa, Demeter, Gaia, Shakti, Dakinis, Shekhinah, Astarte, Ishtar, Rhea, Freya, Nerthus, Brigid, Danu—call Her what you may—has been with us from the beginning and awaits us now,” Monica Sjöö & Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother.

The Great Mother is the wine of life, the mother of all living things. She is the green Earth, the mysteries of the waters. She is the creative force, the primogenitor of wave, tide, and wind.

While we commonly associate Mother to Child, she is not limited to the convention of childbirth, and childrearing. In her saltwater cauldron gestates idea, art, music, dance, invention in the broadest sense – Life. She is maker, illuminator, muse. She is who we can turn to in time of need, as, in her light, she is compassionate, merciful, and loving. She is an advocate of connection, fusion, and relationship to Self, others, and the creative process within.

Please joins us as we explore the creative energies embodied in the Mother archetype, what happens to our creative process when those energies feel as though they have been extinguished, and how, in these times, we may reignite our creative Self.

Collaborative guests:

Odette Heyn C.M. Red with Grace Choreography: Stephanie Ballard

Marci Wenn, LCSW-R, Soul Collage© Facilitator

Artwork by Jeanie Tomanek, Star Quilt; poster adaptation by Krishna Lalbiharie

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