Living Story Project is excited to share an upcoming, full-day workshop collaboration with multi-media, Winnipeg-based artist, Darlene Derksen, for our next event called: Finding Self in Archetypes and Art on February 17, 2024.

Darlene is a multi-media artist working in watercolour, acrylic, pen, ink, and cloth. Her work is personal. She was introduced to archetypes and collage by Nick Bantock’s art and books and has studied with him on numerous occasions. She learned unequivocally how fundamental it is to embrace the concept of archetypes if we are to gain a better understanding of ourselves.

Given the challenging times we face, it is becoming increasingly important that we learn to understand ourselves and the world around us symbolically in order to navigate overwhelm, find meaning, and live authentically. Luckily, at our disposal is the rich and multi-layered world of archetypes.

Archetypes are universal templates such as Artist, Teacher, Healer, and Child, that we colour with our individual expression as they unfold in the life we live. Arguably, all archetypes reside in each of us; however, we tend to have several specific archetypes that dominate our respective lives.

At every table, there is a family of survival archetypes that include the Victim, the Child, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur. Each of these archetypes is much more nuanced than the mainstream culture allows.

While understanding these specific survival archetypes is important for our individual and collective wellbeing, they alone do not give the full story of our lived experiences, longings, and desires. For that, we must venture inward to find— among the limitless number of archetypes—those that seek primary expression though us.

Through a series of intuition prompts and journaling exercises, participants will spend the first part of the day exploring the power of archetypes, while identifying archetypes that find, or are waiting to find, expression in their lives.

The second part of the day will have participants diving deeply into the process of collage to give visual representation to one central archetype they define as significant to their personal development and Self-understanding at this time.

While Darlene will teach techniques of application, participants, fueled by their intuitive awareness and Self-knowledge, will be encouraged to choose materials and images for their collage so that each interaction, visually and texturally, will be entirely unique and meaningful to them.

Date: Saturday, February 17, 2024
Time: 9:30AM – 3:30PM
Cost: $75.00
Location: Living Story Project House
1071 McMillan Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3M 0T6

Link to Register:

“The Warrior” – Collage by Darlene Derksen
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