The past two months have prompted us to look again at patriarchy, and how we might best invest our creativity, energy, and vision in principles and contexts that challenge the fascist underpinnings of patriarchy itself. At the heart of this challenge is a deep understanding of Mother, and how Mothering may in fact comprehend the most powerful and effective way toward the realization of a new culture and way of being. To be clear, Mothering and Motherliness can be claimed by anyone – not only by women and not only in relationship to childbearing. The definitions of Mother and Mothering that we aim to explore dismantle the hierarchical, capitalistic, materialistic, and atomistic foundations upon which patriarchy rests.

Living Story Project has chosen to reimagine our programming for the next year in ways that engage this challenge as it is manifest in politics, culture, and identity. The stories that we know, the stories that we carry, and the stories that we are told, are often incomplete and driven by patriarchal agendas designed to disempower. By re-examining current, prevailing, and ancient stories of Mother and Mothering, we reveal and recover our capacity to serve and sustain the planet, creativity, and all life forms.

The Mothering Project is inspired by the profound need to create time and space for mentoring conversations that reveal the inherent power we possess. In so doing, we reclaim and create truer, more complete stories that enshrine and ensure our right to actively participate in the shaping our own destinies.

Living Story Project will be hosting nine, monthly, by-donation events. Each month will illuminate a new understanding of Mother and Mothering in relation to culturally relevant topics that connect us to self, others, and the earth. Registration for each monthly session will be available on the 1st of every month. Participants may attend any or all these evening sessions. We will meet on Zoom for this 2022-2023 series.

This series is open to all people.

Our first evening, Thursday, September 29, from 7:00PM to 9:00PM CST will focus on defining Mother and Mothering.

Registration for the September 29th session is NOW open.

Link to register: