June 10, 2024
When we consider making a change, whether it be professionally, relationally, or personally, most of us spend our time deliberating the pros and cons of the choices that lay before us but give little attention to the process of change, itself.

Change is a dynamic process that involves an interplay between internal and external forces. The process of change, no matter the scope, invites a delicate dance between our will to change and our fear of change. And while we know change requires courage, what we don’t often consider is the failure to change does not mean that we lack it.

Let’s explore together.

These monthly in-person, drop-in evenings of exploration are designed to help us get closer to what matters in challenging times. Participants can expect to journey introspectively though guided journal prompts with an open invitation to share stories and insights with others.

Please join us,
Kristy & Debbie
Living Story Project 🌱